Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles …in Bordeaux or Palermo?!
The Concours Mondial is an international, professional competition whose aim is to reward the best wines and spirits produced worldwide.

Since 2006, the Concours Mondial decided to reinforce its International character by going beyond its borders. After a first and successful experience in Portugal, the organisers decided to continue with this idea and in 2007 took the event to Maastricht, one of the foundation blocks of the construction of Europe. Bordeaux, Valencia, Palermo, Guimarães, Bratislava followed. In 2014, the Concours will take place in Brussels.

Despite these peregrinations the Concours nevertheless remains faithful to its ‘AO’ and link with Bruxelles, the capital of Europe.

Which products can compete ?
The Concours is open to all wines, special wines and mistelles (with the exception of table wines without geographic indication) and also to distilled spirits.

Who can present a wine at the Concours?
A sample can be presented directly by the producer but also by an importer or distributor.

Who are the Concours Mondial judges?
The jury is composed solely of professional tasters, personalities and renowned experts in the field of wine: Oenologists, sommeliers, journalists, wine writers and international buyers and traders.

What do the medals symbolise?
At the end of the tastings, each sample is allotted a mark out of a hundred. Only those having obtained the best scores will be able to aspire to a Medal.

'Grande Médaille d’Or'
|92,5 - 100%|
'Médaille d’Or'
|87 - 92,4%|
'Médaille d’Argent'
|84 - 86,9%|

What criteria are the wines judged on?

The products are tasted in line and noted following the evaluation sheet developed by the technical direction of the Concours Mondial based on the model suggested by the OIV and the International Union of Oenologists.

One finds criteria relating to these aspects:

Intensity Intensity
Aspect Openness Openness
Effervescence (where necessary) Quality Quality


The ratings of each criterion will determine in a balanced way the total note for each sample.

What happens to the bottles after the Concours ?

The untasted bottles are kept by the organisers for control, promotional purposes (to honour award winners etc.) and for training.