The submission of samples for the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) is in full swing. The closing date for entries and dispatch of samples of red, white, rose, bio / organic and old vintage wines is 17 March 2017. The samples will be judged by over 320 journalists, buyers, oenologists and sommeliers from 50+ countries in the world.

The wines with a medal by CMB enjoy huge media and commercial interest. Some wholesalers in Europe report 20-25% increase of sales of the awarded wines. Often it is the wine buyers of a large wholesaler or retailer who advise companies to submit samples – they see the increasing influence a medal has on the choice of the end-consumer. Over the past 16 years of its background, the Concours has registered a remarkable 400 percent growth in submitted wine samples.

The 24th edition of the CMB will be held from May 5 to 7, 2017 in Valladolid, Spain. CMB has become one of the largest showcases of Spanish wine diversity. In 2016, amongst the nearly 9,000 samples entered in the competition, 1,700 were Spanish which puts Spain in second position.

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